Blue whales

Blue Whale: Blue whales are the largest animals that ever lived on earth. they can grow over 100 feet in length and can weight over 172 metric tons its a marine mammal belonging to the pacific group of baleen whales Blue whales have long slender bodys that can be various shades of bluish-gray and are normally lighter underneath there are atleast 3 sub species there are blue whales of the north atlantic and north pacific,southern ocean and the indian ocean also the south pacific. its diet is krill.they can travel up to 31 miles per hour.Blue Whales live solitary or with one of the same species.Mating season for blue whales starts in late autum ( fall) and ends at the end of winter female blue whales give birth once every two to three years the pregnancy period ends in 10 to 12 months the calf weights 2 metric tons and is about 23 feet in length they drink 100 to 150 united states gallons of milk a day the weaning takes about 6 months and by the end of weaning the calf has doubled its length. Blue whales live a good 80 years.